Service Locations


A new bike requires a mini tune up within 4 months or 250kms.

This will cost between $80 - $120 depending on where you go.



We recommend a full service at least once a year or every 2000kms.

This will include overhauling the bottom bracket, checking wear & tear on parts, brake pads, full lube & tune, to keep you on the move safely.

Estimated cost $220 - $375 depending on where you go and what's required.


We recommend "My-Ride" stores throughout NZ + hooking into a local Mobile Mechanic.


Mobile Bicycle Service (Dylan)

MY-Ride - Westgate (Jeff, Alex, Ryan)

MY-Ride - Botany Downs (Tony)

MY-Ride - Takapuna (Steve)

Northland: Mangawhai Cycle repairs (Phil and Renea)

Central: Electric Bike Rotorua (Joe)

Wellington: Searletech Mobile Bike Service (Mike)

Manawatu/Whanganui:  David Visser  ph 0297724545

Nelson: Rev Bikes (Anthony)

Christchurch: Black Sheep Trading (Dale, Luke)


Of course a little knowledge can go a long way.  On-going self maintenance will prevent many bike service issues and assist with reducing excessive wear and tear on the bike.  We suggest a crash course of YOU-Tube instructional videos to get you started:


How to adjust your rear derailleur: