Long Hot Summer

Will this summer just keep going?  Probably not, but hasn't it been simply splendid for riding.  Great to see more people commuting on bikes, along with more cycle-ways to help make it safe.  If global warming, climate change etc. means more days riding, then surely that's going to help reduce emissions.

The good thing about cruising on an electric cool bike is the cool breeze when you are moving forward.  No need to sweat the hills and your sensors are awakened by the time you get to work.  Unlike John who slouches in his car stressed out about the traffic for an hour, listening to the problems of the world on talk-back radio.  Depression has set in before John's even got to his desk, after spending another 15 mins trying to find a park.

At least have the option of perhaps riding 1 or 2 days a week by having an e-bike nestled in the garage next to the golf clubs or beer fridge.  And if you want to feel cool and ride in style then you've come to the right place......Cool Bikes NZ

Cheers Scott


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