Breaking the Bubble

We are about to come out of our bubbles and re-experience normal life.  It would be nice to think we are all better off for the 4-6 weeks of public isolation.  Just think, we've had no fast food, traffic jams or excuses not to exercise.  Pretty stress-free really.  That's if you can put the economy to one side and obviously income streams that have been affected by the onset of COVID-19.  At least Mother Nature will be happy with less industrial pollution, car emissions and hopefully less landfill.

I certainly was happy seeing more families out together exercising, lots of Dad's riding with their sons & daughters around the neighborhood.  It sort of had a real community spirit about it with no cars to worry about, lots of smiles and waving out to friends across the street, similar to NZ in the 1970's.  It would be nice to continue on in some respects or at least parts of our new routines.

I know riding bikes will continue as it has done since the early 19th century.  With E-bikes getting smarter and more efficient, consider it sensible social distancing transport.

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